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Icon workshop Rebirth.

Pleased to greet You! See our achievements in the field of writing and restorations of the icons in section gallery, study certain information on us.


Icon is an ancient art and Russian icons is a huge component of it. The development of icon painting in Russia began in 988, and continues to this day. Looking at the masterpieces of icon painting, inspired by the skill of ancient masters and we write icons. Regained their popularity dimensional icon, that icon, a wedding icons, and is engaged in the manufacture of which is our icon-painting workshop.
Icon's workshop is primarily a creative alliance, the Orthodox artists, not interested in increasing their income, and achieve the highest skill in iconography, and spiritual growth.

Every day in the Internet there is a new resource that represents a new icon-painting studio, we are happy for the brothers of our artists, just as then, our studio started its activity in the network. Now the residents of Russia, and sometimes neighboring countries, there is a large selection of icons, each workshop is maintaining his writing style, which takes as its basis.
The basis of our icon workshop is the artistic style of Andrei Rublev, in his heavenly dances and relaxing colors.

Our studio is located in the Ivanovo region, but for a man who has decided to order a good quality icon of the distance does not matter, and thank God people are coming, despite the crisis and bought.

Of course the main component of iconography is the restoration of icons, it is an integral part of writing for the new icons. Modern icons should be based on the examples of old masters, and follow the path they traversed.

Our workshop of painter specializes in producing and writing the new canonical Orthodox icons, and restoration of the old icons, making the iconostasis. Our achievements in the field of writing and the restoration of icons can be found in the section "Icons", information about artists icon painter in the section "About us". The site works on iconography forum where you can learn how to order, read as written the icon to learn some of the subtleties our trade, to find useful information about the icon, the appropriate prayer and the life of the saints, share your opinion on any subject.

To order an icon, or buy an icon, please write to our email. after which a representative will contact you in our workshop and will discuss all the details of your order.

With us you can order the production of paintings and icons of the iconostasis, as well as for you: the icon of the Virgin, an icon of Christ the Savior, it is an icon dimensional icon, a wedding couple, a family icon, monthly mine, annual mine and any other icons and the iconostasis of all sizes, made to the canons tempera paints on egg yolk, the restoration of icons and iconography.


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